Spring with Matt Moran 


Hello, Spring 


Say hello to spring at Chophouse, where we celebrate the fine seasonal produce of our local suppliers with the pioneer behind farm-to-table dining, Matt Moran, calling the cuts. Spring with Matt Moran showcases his passion for quality meat, as a fourth-generation farmer, with head chef Scott Kim bringing it all to the table.  

Spring Snack Menu

Our snack menu showcases our suppliers and farmers. Celebrating their unwavering dedication to quality produce and spring's abundance of fresh crops. 


Stuffed CDJ Farms zucchini flower, spring peas, ricotta 12ea 


Pastrami spiced Kinross spring lamb ribs (2pc) 16 


Pino’s wagyu & cheese corndog, tomato relish & mustard 15ea 


N25 Osetra caviar, pepe saya crème fraiche, kipfler crisp 16ea 

18 September - 7 November

Spring Snacks

Where farm-to-table dining lets the produce do the talking. Meat maestros Matt Moran and head chef Scott Kim have elevated quality ingredients like CDJ zucchini flowers and Pino’s wagyu to let the flavours of spring melt in your mouth. 

Sunday 17 September

Spring Market

On Sunday 17 September, alongside Matt Moran, Aria, Chiswick and Opera Bar, we hosted the Spring Market on the Chiswick Lawn. It was a unique opportunity to have Aussie icon Matt Moran, five chefs at the top of their game (including our very own Scott Kim) and the suppliers & farmers behind Solotel venues’ quality produce-focused cuisine all in the one place. Head Chef Scott Kim cooked a delicious egg and sausage muffins straight off the barbecue, plus Single Origin brewed delicious coffees. Sonoma developed an amazing light and fluffy English muffin for the occasion, and Pino’s delivered a tasty breakfast patty. Sign up to be the first to hear of spring 2024. 

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