The Chophouse Tomahawk Feast




Sydney’s Ultimate Shared Meat Extravaganza 




Have you heard about the Toma? The Chophouse’s signature Tomahawk steak is a full rib on the bone coming in at a colossal 1.7kg, served with condiments and a choice of sides. We recommend sharing this epic dish between three to five people – or on your own, if you dare.




Of the premium steaks served at the Chophouse Sydney, the Tomahawk is a legend among connoisseurs of the carnivorous kind. Known not just for its prehistoric proportions, the Tomahawk is a premium cut of Black Onyx from NSW’s Rangers Valley. Every bite explodes with juicy tenderness and a rich, intensely beefy flavour. 



More than a meal, the Tomahawk Feast is a complete steak-based sensory experience. The visual element begins when the raw product is brought out on a huge platter, glistening with moist red musculature and flecks of pure white marbling. 



The Tomahawk takes approximately 40 to 45 minutes to arrive at the table. But once the aroma of expertly charred and caramelised protein and luscious rendered fat fill the nose, you’ll know the wait was worth it. Each thick, pre-carved slice features a perfectly cooked centre of meat, moist with melted fat and encased in a thick, crunchy and sensationally smoky charred crust. Then, there’s the most prized part of all, the bone, with layers of beautifully seared flesh and caramelised strips of fat.  






The Perfect Tomahawk Feast Wine Pairings



Why not complete Tomahawk experience with the ultimate red wine pairing? Highly recommended from the Chophouse wine list are the: Shiraz 2015 Shaw + Smith (Adelaide Hills) and our Malbec 2016 Terrazas ‘Reserva’ (Mendoza, Argentina). These big, bold reds have a mouth-filling quality that enhances the richness of marbled fat, while being armed with the acidity to cut through the Toma’s powerful meaty flavour. 



So, gather a group of meat-loving mates, and take on the Tomahawk Feast teeth-first. Just don’t show up to dinner wearing white!