Our Story



At Chophouse we’re more than a contemporary Aussie steak restaurant. For a start, we’ve got 10 years under our belt. That’s a lot of scotch fillet, tomahawk and fillet steak on our Montague broiler. All washed down with plenty of Shiraz. We love the farmers who take care of our produce, they work the land, love the cattle and nurture our dairy.



When you eat with us, you dig in. You feast, drink wine and you can share if you like. Just one thing, Chop says… make sure your guests never wear white to dinner.



Chophouse is all about bringing you that perfectly cooked steak every single time. We're crazy about meat and serving a diverse range of quality cuts.



Nothing beats a beautiful piece of steak paired with a glass of wine, Chophouse has an extensive wine list curated by sommelier Eleonore Wulf.