Climate change, the environment, conservation – increasingly ‘hot’ topics right now - and here at Chophouse, we’re just as worried about the state of our planet as you are. And while our mission is certainly to serve up the most marvellous meats we can get our hands on, we’re never prepared to sacrifice the environment, or our values, in the process!


Sustainability and ethical practice are top of mind in all we do, which means ethically farmed, hormone-free meat, sustainably sourced seafood, local fruit, vege and coffee suppliers and a whole lot of recycling, responsible waste-disposal systems and re-usable containers in circulation.


We also collect our used oil and turn it into biodiesel, have removed disposable cutlery and straws, give guests biodegradable doggy-bags to take home their leftovers and use the Purezza system for filtering, chilling and carbonating water, which cuts down hugely on ordering, recycling and transit. The environment is a big deal to us and we’re doing what we can to look after it.


What’s more, Chophouse carefully selects partners whose values reflect our own. An array of Australian produce features on the Chophouse menu including bread from Sonoma, sustainably sourced smoked salmon, Westholme wagyu, Alto olive oil and local fruit and vegetables.