All About Meat

Our chop 5 Xmas Gift ideas

Our meat experts at Chophouse have conjured up a selection of sure-fire winners for all those meat-loving friends of yours whose faces light up at the sizzle of a steak. Here are our top, sorry, chop 5.

What is Dry Aging?

If you’ve perused the Chophouse menu either online or at the table, you may well have seen some of our steak selections described as “dry-aged”. The Chophouse steak school explains why dry-aged beef is so delicious.

What Are Marble Scores?

Visit a premium steakhouse restaurant like Chophouse Sydney, and you’ll notice most of our steaks are graded with a marble score. So, what exactly is an ‘MBS’, and what does it tell you about the taste, texture and quality of the beef that’s about to land on your table?

The Chophouse Tomahawk Feast

Have you heard about the Toma? The Chophouse’s signature Tomahawk steak is a full rib on the bone coming in at a colossal 1.7kg, served with condiments and a choice of sides.  We recommend sharing this epic dish between three to five people – or on your own, if you dare.


A thick, juicy cut of prime beef, lightly seared to reveal an exterior crust of golden fat. A rich, robust red wine spiked with flavours of spice, smoked meat and blackcurrant. We’re talking scotch fillet and shiraz – a match made in culinary heaven.