Meat takes centre stage at Chophouse. It’s theatrical and dramatic. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Our most famous dish is our Tomahawk steak, a 1.7kg cut of Rangers Valley Angus with a marbling score of 3+, which is ideal to share between three or four diners. We bring it to the table before cooking – always an Instagram moment - so that each group understands just what a great piece of meat it is.  

Head chef Scott Kim has a passion for meat. He thinks it dates back to before he was born. “When my mum was pregnant with me she craved Korean BBQ and that’s pretty much all she ate,” he says. During his eight years at Chophouse that passion has grown. “When I first started working here my head chef introduced me to pasture fed, grain fed, wagyu and dry-aged meat. It was an eye opener to the diversity of meat based on its feeding systems and genetics.”  

Provenance is key, he says. “At Chophouse it’s important for us that our customers know where their meat comes from.” He deals directly with producers including Rangers Valley, Milly Hill lamb, Ormiston pork and Moran family beef and with suppliers including Vic’s Meats (for Blackmore’s and Master Kobe wagyu) and Origin (for speciality meats from New Zealand). The customer experience is of the utmost importance, says Scott. “We deal with several suppliers so we can offer what customers are looking for whether it’s pasture or grain fed, fattier or leaner meat. We look for the best in every profile.”

At Chophouse however, it’s not just about the meat but how it’s cooked and how it’s served.  “We cook all our meat with care and love. For us, consistency is the key and I am very proud of our grill chefs.” Having the chef come out and talk to you as he or she carves that massive Tomahawk steak elevates the dining experience to the next level. “It becomes about more than eating good food and feeling full,” says Kim. “The meal becomes unforgettable.”