Meet our Meat Master.


Scott Kim, aka Chef Kim, is the man behind the meat at Chophouse. 



So how does a man become such a meat messiah? Chef Kim lays the blame for his meat passion firmly at his mum’s door, according to her whilst she was pregnant with Scott all she ate was Korean BBQ, clearly influencing him from the earliest of ages. Her importance in Scott’s cooking career didn’t end there though, his earliest memories in the kitchen are of him frying eggs under her tutelage before he could even see into the pan.



As he grew up so did his passion for food and in next to no time he was regularly cooking for family, friends and impressing them with his delicious dishes. It was obviously something he was good at so he enrolled in cooking school. He quickly went on to become an A-Grade student, which was quite the change for Scott who spent the majority of his time at school in the principal’s office.



After graduating, Chef Kim jumped straight into the wild world of meat, honing his skills as a Sous Chef at Kingsley’s in Woolloomooloo before joining Chophouse Sydney in 2010.



It was at Chophouse that Chef Kim’s affair with meat went into overdrive. He fell in love with the complexity of meat, it’s a protein he never tires of cooking. Nothing excites him more than testing new meat products, high marbling Intramuscular fats are something he can regularly be seen getting animated about in the kitchen. The bursting of flavour when you chew into it and the softness and richness of taste are what drives Chef Kim every day.



When we decided to expand Chophouse into Parramatta we wanted to ensure the experience was as good as the one in the city, so Chef Kim had to be there to kick things off. It’s a challenge he’s incredibly excited about, he’s got a whole new team, a new kitchen with some of the best meat cooking machinery in the world and new customers that he’s desperate to start serving.



There’s only one thing more important than meat in Chef Kim’s world and that’s family. Every Sunday Scott can be found knocking together a tonne of pancakes for his clan, including four daughters!